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To infinity and beyond

To infinity and beyond

Loop Brands has partnered with Sky5 to create a bold and empowering new brand identity. 

Sky5 provide commercial high-level building cleaning, façade maintenance and height safety services. Formed in 2016 from three of the strongest and most respected names in the industry. With an unparalleled degree of combined expertise, together Sky5 are the most experienced, capable and highly trained rope access and height safety specialists in Australia.

Sky5 needed a communications strategy and clear roadmap to connect them with their customers. Unrivalled in their expertise, it was pivotal to establish Sky5 as the market leader. Loop did this by creating a visual and verbal brand identity, appropriately aligning the company’s vision, values and objectives.

With a clearly defined brand proposition, Loop created a brand identity that looks, feels and talks like a pioneer, innovator and leader. Big bold typography, powerful messaging and imagery that has been carefully colour-graded are at the core of the identity and in combination create a dynamic and ownable space in this industry sector.

The brand positioning sets a new standard in the industry, presenting them as the business partner of choice. This positioning also enables future business opportunities, including; listing on the stock market and expanding/diversifying their service and product portfolio.

Mark Knight, Sky5’s Managing Director had this to say: “The team have truly transformed our brand. Their design thinking and approach have given us permission to look, act and behave as the industry leader. They have defined our personality and brought clarity to the way we talk and how we look.”