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The end to Dr Google

The end to Dr Google

Loop Brands collaborated with an innovative team of doctors, technologists and visionaries to help bring their idea of an amazing new technology and a revolutionary health initiative to life.

Ever had a health or wellbeing issue, where you thought – I’ll just look these symptoms up online. “DANGER, DANGER WILL ROBINSON!” As we all know, the internet can spit out some horrendously misinformed self-diagnoses.

Introducing Quro, a smart online health assistant.


Just like a caring doctor, Quro listens and asks the right questions to better understand your symptoms and provide a personalised assessment that’s medically validated and precise. Quro also suggests simple remedies to try at home or if your symptoms are potentially more serious, she can even make an appointment with a local doctor for a face-to-face consultation.

Powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence and trained by real doctors, Quro can identify over 7 million symptoms referencing medical journals, published books and clinical notes. Quro can even recognise conditions that are common to certain regions, ethnicities and ages – and over time, combines this data to paint a highly-personalised picture of your health.

This highly credible system was built by a team of doctors and data scientists who actually care about your wellbeing. Quro is much more than just a chatbot.

Loop Brands was tasked with defining the brand, it’s positioning, creating a name and crafting a brand identity that is representative of this brilliant idea and has cut-through with a global audience.

The design proposition was to create a monogram that encapsulates the idea of a Question/Answer dialogue and for it to reflect a modern tech aesthetic that suggests digital search analytics.

The identity incorporates a question mark and search symbol into a cleverly crafted and ownable Q monogram. A literal expression of the apps functionality. The bespoke typography that makes up the wordmark is friendly and welcoming and creates a strong visual platform for a unique broader visual language.


Abhi Bhatia, Quro Founding Partner says “Our new identity is a great representation of our vision and how we want to position our brand. Loop’s approach left us feeling excited and confident to enter the market with not only a revolutionary product but an amazing brand to match.”