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The legend

Stevenson Village Pies

Behind every great brand is a great story. Earlyrise Baking Co are a fourth generation, family owned boutique bakery based in regional NSW. Created on foundations of tradition, quality, and community, their products are crafted by a family of dedicated bakers and pastry cooks using recipes handed down for around a hundred years.

A dream to bake quality products began with a bag of flour in 1918 when Francis Oswald ‘Aussie’ Stevenson started a small bakery in Tooraweenah. Fondly nicknamed ‘Aussie’, he was known for wearing a Scottish Kilt, delivering his baked goods on a horse and cart each day to local residents. Initially he built a successful business to support his wife and six children and in 1923, he moved to Dubbo and opened his very own Stevenson’s Bakery.

Loop Brands rekindled this history by creating, naming and designing a new everyday premium ‘Stevenson Village Pie’ range to be sold in major grocery stores. The design strategy taps into the deli experience, borrowing visual cues from traditional craft and executing it in a contemporary expression. Not forgetting ‘Aussie’ wearing his signature Kilt, the design is dressed using this detail to navigate the range by tartan colour.

So raise a pie to pie lovers everywhere and good old Francis Oswald ‘Aussie’ Stevenson. The legend lives on.

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