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Loop Brands collaborated with an innovative team of doctors, technologists and visionaries to help bring their idea of an amazing new technology and a revolutionary health initiative to life.

Introducing Quro, a smart online health assistant.

Just like a caring doctor, Quro listens and asks the right questions to better understand your symptoms and provide a personalised assessment that’s medically validated and precise. Powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence and trained by real doctors, Quro can identify over 7 million symptoms referencing medical journals, published books and clinical notes.

We were tasked with defining the brand, it’s positioning, creating a name and crafting a brand identity that is representative of this brilliant idea and has cut-through with a global audience.

Scope of work


Brand strategy

Brand identity

“Our new identity is a great representation of our vision and how we want to position our brand. Loop’s approach left us feeling excited and confident to enter the market with not only a revolutionary product but an amazing brand to match.” Abhi Bhatia, Founding Partner