Penta-vite Gummies

Scope: Collateral, Identity, Packaging

Kids love sweets and hate taking medicine. So when Penta-vite’s competitors launched chewy vitamins they really needed to respond with something amazing.
We looked at the competition and we weren’t impressed. It struck us that if you were as bright and friendly as the brands that kids love, then you had a head start.

The answer
Who hasn’t played a game of Peek-a-Boo with their kids before? How good is it! We’d found the answer in this game and it informed our concept from the identity and packaging down through to all touch points.

The Results
All that good clean fun wasn’t wasted. It’s selling well above expectations, one of the clients most successful new product development launches to date, and all without traditional advertising. We think it made parents happier and kids healthier to boot.